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Eliminate Harmful TOXINS and Reset Your Body with a 3-Day Detox & Cleanse Plan

Downloading the 3-day detox diet plan will assist cleanse your internal system and de-stress your mind. It will also help you lose weight, relieve skin rashes, pain & inflammation and much more …

It is time to take charge of your health.

Let me show you how to eat clean and reclaim your life!

Jesslyn Lim Holistic Health Coach

Hi!  I’m Jesslyn Lim.

I’m a Certified Integrative Nutrition  Health Coach at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert (ACN), Aromatherapist and Early Childhood Advocate. 

I believe that you deserve a good sleep, stress less enjoy the best, easy weight loss with real food,   hormones balance, skin glowing, energy to live happy life, live with pain-free and anxiety-free, foods that taste great and make you feel good and live in your purpose driven life!!!

My holistic approach to health and wellness is helping and teaching women how to understand their symptoms, so they can know what their body needs.

I help them find balance in all aspects of their lives, tease out the root of their health issues and eliminate symptoms, instead of masking them with pills, prescriptions, and unsustainable diets.

I’m specialized in detoxification, rebuilding their gut plan, boosting and strengthen their immune system with the power of food, herbs and essential oils as natural medicine, and teach lifestyle choices can enhance one’s health and wellness

I offer a wide range of coaching program and services, from individual coaching to group coaching, seminar, workshops and corporate workshops and health talks at Community Centres.

To contact me, please email to jesslyn@jesslynlimhealthcoach.com 

3 Day Essential Health Detox Guide!

Take back your health the natural way!

Grab all of this today to experience these things and more:

Say YES to your health and grab your free guide now!

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