Are you completely hung up on your sugar habit?

Would you love to learn a simple way stop your cravings and slim down your waistline? It’s time to get off the sweet stuff and get your body back.

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I’ve put together my best advice plus 3 super satisfying recipes into a new FREE guide for you:

3 Ways to Quit Sugar When You’d Kill for a Cookie

It’s time to end the Starbucks Mocha Frapuccino madness…
It’s time to break up with the vending machine, and never look back…

Grab your FREE guide & experience all of this:

  • More energy & stamina
  • Clearer skin
  • Healthy weight loss
  • And happier moods

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Jesslyn Lim is a certified, Holistic Nutrition Coach.  Her interest in detoxification digestion and women’s health was developed through her personal experiences with weight loss and digestive issues.  Jesslyn is committed to helping women who are struggling with stress, energy, hormone, weight management and digestive issues.  Jesslyn has a special interest in healing children with skin rashes through dietary modification.  She provides one - on - one health and wellness programs and cooking classes.  Her focus is on teaching how to develop the best nutrition for your body in easy , fun and practical ways.  Jesslyn creates a positive mindset, which, for many women initiates a confident attitude towards their future.  As a result, they believe that they are beautifully made, both inside and out. This mindset has transformed many to a healthier, happier and loving lifestyle.

What others have said about working with me!
I’ve never felt better! Your detox program has transformed my entire life! I finally fit into the dress I bought months ago, one size too small. Thank you so much! I lost 2 kg in only 3 days! I’m so happy.
Mei Leung

I can’t thank you enough! Before this detox program, I felt sick all the time. Now, not only did I drop 4 kg! I’ve finally figured out how to ditch the bloat once and for good.
Mandy Ngyuen

Get your Sugar Cravings under control! Start Today!

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