Are You Buying Real Foods or Harmful Chemical Toxins Food? 

According to studies and industry sources, about 100 different harmful chemical toxins food derived from colour, flavours and aromas are used in everyday food products, mainly in the beverage and confectionery industries.


Popular foodstuffs like coconut milk, isotonic drinks, yogurts, ice-cream, desserts, jellies, fruit puddings, mock vegetarian meats (vegetarian sausages and meatballs), instant noodles, cordials, baked goods (buns), condensed milk, biscuits, cakes, fizzy drinks, and candies often contain harmful chemical toxins such as food flavorings, food colouring, food preservatives, food additives, MSG etc.


Studies have found the names of the flavorings mentioned on the food product are often not REAL as they go by real-sounding names.  Examples of ambiguous names for synthetic flavors are sour plum flavor, yam flavour, orange flavor, wild-ginseng flavor and peppermint flavor and much more.


In addition, REAL fruits and suggestive names on the labels of many processed food items may be nothing more than a pure fraud.


For example, “Raspberries” on label, may not be the real fruit, but something completely different, like sweets!  In fact, they’ve mainly processed junks with the poor nutritional value which are a poor buy.  The small print on a product label often tells you more than what its front label indication, but many people are either unaware of this or never check the truth.

So, let’s find out, are you buying the real foods or harmful chemical toxins food?



Harmful Chemical Toxins Food

Additives found in canned & Packed drinks

Are you often buy the canned and packet drinks such as lychee, lemonade, lemon tea, strawberry and much more for celebration like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya or party etc.

Do you see the small lychee, strawberry, etc in the packet or canned drinks?

Do you see or smell the real fruits inside the drink?

How much do you really know what’s the real inside?


What’s Really Inside?

They are carbonated water, sugar, coloring matter (caramel),  food phosphoric acid, and permitted flavourings (contains caffeine).


Harmful Chemical Toxins Food

Food Additives found in Packet Biscuits


Instead of real blackcurrant, orange, butter, you get artificial flavorings when you buy these biscuits.

What’s Really Inside?

Wheat flour, sugar, salt, palm oil, full cream milk powder, glucose, soya lecithin, permitter food colour (E102).



Harmful Chemical Toxins Food

Chemical flavourings are added in wafers

If you really examine their food label, you will find the misleading information like orange, strawberries displayed are not presented in the wafers at all.


What’s Really Inside?

Sugar, vegetables fats, wheat flour, corn starch, permitted flavor sodium bicarbonate, permitted color (E124).


Harmful Chemical Toxins Foods


The label of snacks like these can be sneaky.  Pictures of a prawn and fish on these two products are misrepresentation because of all they have “prawn and fish flavoring”.



5.   JELLIESHarmful Chemical Toxins food are added in Jellies

Jellies are children’s flavor stuff and the most harmful to their health.

They are not real fruit in them.  The real inside things are sugar, jelly powder, sodium citrate, permitted artificial flavor, and colors.



Harmful Chemical Toxins foods are added in Instant Noodle6.   INSTANT NOODLE

There’s no chicken, mushroom, abalone, shrimp in these instant noodles according to their ingredients lists at the back.

The real and the most harmful chemicals toxins are the soup seasoning like sodium carbonate, sodium polyphosphate, carboxy methyl cellulose, tartrazine.



Harmful Chemicals Toxins food are added in Oyster sauce
Where’s the oyster?  Do you see this ingredient in the label list?  The chemicals toxins are hydrolysed vegetable protein, food conditioners, colouring, flavor enhancers, and preservatives.




Harmful chemicals toxins food are added in butter8.   NOT PURE BUTTER

Not all fat spreads that go by the name ‘butter’ are 100% butter.  The images show these two butter have vegetable oils, milk solids in addition to other things, preservative, permitted flavoring, and coloring.



What Are the REAL Harmful Chemicals Toxins in the Food you eat?

Instead of real fruits, nut and herbs, the processed food you buy could have the following chemicals as flavorings:

  • Strawberry  –   Benzyl acetate (a nitrate-solvent used in making film-splicing cement)
  • Raspberry  –  Ethyl butyrate (an aromatic chemical)
  • Pineapple  –  Ethyl acetate (used to clean leather and textiles)
  • Banana  –   Amyl acetate (also used to clean leather and textiles)
  • Vanilla  –   Piperohal (a strong smelling benzene derivative used to kill lice)
  • Nuts  –  Butyraldehyde, are known as butyl aldehyde (an ingredient in rubber cement)
  • Coffee, durian & jackfruit à  Mercaptan (a strong chemical) [mfn]Ref Sources:  Consumer Association Guide[/mfn]


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How Additives Harm Our Body

ADDITIVES may cause mutations, genetic damage or birth defects all very subtle effect.  They may also cause cancer, interfere with our body’s normal processes, long term effects that are little understood.


They may even impair the liver.  If toxins are absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, they are transported to the liver.  The liver has innumerable functions, it not only metabolizes and detoxifies chemicals but also produces bile to digests fats, regulate blood sugar levels, and store vitamins.


With constant assault from toxins, it can become overburdened and damaged.  If toxins get past the liver, they may lodge in, and cause damage to other organs.


The FOOD PERSERVATIVES Chemical Harmful Toxins like Sulphur Dioxide (E220, E2210), Nitrates (E249 to E252) and Benzoates (E210, E211) are:

  • affect the way our body absorbs and uses nutrients,
  • interfere with cell metabolism and inhibit the formation of new cells,
  • affect the natural balance of bacterial in the gut,
  • interfere with enzymes and disrupt the body’s vital functions.


Get this 14-Day Smoothie Recipe Challenge and it helps you to flush out toxins hidden in your body.  You will also start your day right with the fuel, all-day energy and avoid all 3 of the following mistakes:

14-Day Green Smoothies Challenge



How Many Additives Our Children Eat A Day?

Survey has found that children could easily consume more than 150 doses of different additives a day in their food, along with hundreds of flavourings and other additives that are not identified on the package labels.



Mood-Altering Chemicals in Children’s Food

Next time your child throws an angry tantrum, interrupts or disturbs others, has difficulty concentrating, settling down to sleep, don’t check on the company he keeps, instead check on the food he or she eats.

The researchers have found that five types of chemical food additives which are permitted for use in foods, found to cause the above conditions, symptoms of hyperactive (ADHD) in children. 


Study also found that foods contain chemical food colorings (Tartrazine, Sunset Yewllo, Carmoisine and Ponceau 4R)  and preservatives  (Benzoate)  are easily caused a child’s temper tantrums and disruptive behaviour.

A hyperactive child (ADHD) is at risk of continuing behavior difficulties, including behavioural disorders and educational difficulties.

Parents should monitor young children’s diet closely and steer them away from foods and drinks with the additives.


Last but not least, avoiding harmful chemical toxins in your diet is an important first step toward enhancing your health and lowering your risk of disease.  Know what you’re eating.  But reading the label alone is no good enough if you don’t know what the chemicals are, and what they can do to you.




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