A Poor Ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6, Omega-3, and omega-6 essential fatty acids must be obtained from food because our bodies cannot generate them on its own.

According to research studies, our ancestors typically ate a diet ranging from a ratio of 1:1 to 1:4 omega-3 to omega-6.  In our modern diets, we usually see a ratio of 1:20 to 1:30.


The Problem


Western diets are high in omega-6 polyunsaturated fats such as canola oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, corn oil, and trans fats. These are found in processed foods, frozen foods, fast foods, and most restaurants. It’s important to note that these are also the fats that have conventionally been promoted as “heart healthy.”

In addition, most of our conventional meat sources are fed grains, which cause the fat from these sources to be rich in omega-6. When an animal is raised eating its natural diet (grass for cows, worms for chickens, etc) it will be higher in omega-3.

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “you are what you eat

Well, …you aren’t just what you eat, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT EATS.



For instance, cows are meant to eat grasses but when you feed a cow grains (a common practice in conventional farming) they are likely to get sick and fat, and as a result, will be given antibiotics. They also get injected with hormones as this produces a product with more meat to sell. When you eat a conventionally raised animal you are not only eating higher levels of omega 6 fatty acids, but also consuming those hormones and antibiotics that were fed to these animals.

An overconsumption of omega-6 fats in proportion to omega-3 fats can lead to systemic inflammation and disease.

In addition to a poor omega 6 to 3 ratio, the industrial seed oils used so prevalently in our food industry are incredibly inflammatory. They are often bleached, deodorized, and highly processed using caustic chemicals that form free radicals. The end result is a cheap, highly toxic, inflammatory substance.


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Remember, underlying all chronic disease is systemic inflammation.


The Solution


  • Eat Grass-fed meat, wild-caught fish, and pastured eggs rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Use high quality saturated and monounsaturated fats for cooking versus toxic polyunsaturated fats (industrial seed oils)


  • Avoid Processed Foods
  • Avoid Cooking with Polyunsaturated Industrial Oils
  • Avoid Over Consuming Nuts and Seeds (high in omega-6)



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Jesslyn Lim

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


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