If you are a weight-loss warrior, Cauliflower Hash Brown is low-carb or paleo eater, cauliflower is perfect for your diet staples.  It’s also good for our kid-friendly breakfast.

To make the cauliflower hash brown into a Fat-Burning meal, add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to the batter and/or ¼ cup cheddar cheese. Top each waffle with ½ of a small avocado. This will increase the fat by 14-20 grams.

There’s a good reason for that.  This versatile veggie can be used for so many recipe swaps:

 I stumbled upon the idea of using cauliflower to make hash browns for my children’s weekend breakfast. No potatoes needed for these easy pan-fried cauliflower hash brown fritters!

A low-carb way to enjoy your favourite breakfast side.

In order to turn that cauliflower into serving-sized hash browns, I found it simplest to add 3 eggs to the mix, which is also a great way to add extra protein.

This turns them into hash brown “fritters.” But before I got to the cooking, I like tossing in diced green onions for extra flavor.

You can serve the cauliflower hash browns with your favourite breakfast foods.

Or, you can enjoy them as a quick and simple, high-protein breakfast. The hash browns are great right out of the waffle iron.


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