Drinking green smoothie regularly not ONLY to rejuvenate our health, lose weight, look younger, boost energy, it also helps to flush out toxins, decrease the risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases, a high-fibre diet can also help lower cholesterol levels to reduce the risk of having a heart attack, losing excess body fat.  The easy way to get more green into the diet is by drinking a green smoothie.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English defines “rejuvenated” to make someone look or feel young (1).  A green smoothie is the real powerhouses of nutrition to rejuvenated my health, lose weight, boost energy, and look 10 years younger than actual.  Since they are created with natural ingredients so they are healthy to drink.

Many of my friends and customers keep asking me about my secrets on how to stay young.  Indeed, the secret is to build my morning healthy habits routine by drinking green smoothies every single morning and incorporating other healthy habits. 

There is an old proverb that says, “Health is a crown on a good man’s head that no sees but a sick man.”

This is very true. We live in a very hectic world today where everyone is focused on building a successful career and raising a happy family. They often place their health on the back burner, thinking that they can exercise and eat right later on.

Today, more than ever, one needs to focus on his or her health and well-being. It is crucial. Our lives are filled with deadlines,

High carbohydrate meals, oily and fatty foods, processed foods, junk food, etc. wreak havoc on our health and bodies. It happens slowly but surely. Therein lies the problem. People do not feel the impact of their poor choices until health problems occur much later on. By then, it can be too late.

High cholesterol levels, type 2 diabetes, blood pressure issues and countless other health problems are often a direct result of poor eating and a sedentary lifestyle.

There is a movie,  “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. You may have watched it. If you’ve not, Fat Sick Nearly Deadwatch it here.

The movie is a real-life documentary about, Joe Cross, who was 100 lbs overweight and facing several serious health issues. Joe adopted a plant-based diet and mostly drank raw vegetable and fruit juices. Within a few months, he had shed his excess weight and his health had improved by leaps and bounds. This certainly is a testament to the power of a healthy diet.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? You are?

Read on to find out how green smoothie will put you in the pink of health.


“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” – Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb


Kale is a King

The first question that will pop into many people’s minds when thinking of starting a juicing or smoothie diet will be, “Why are green smoothies better than other smoothies?”… After all, aren’t all vegetables and fruits beneficial?

Yes, it’s true that different fruit and vegetables contain a multitude of vitamins and antioxidants. However, the green leafy vegetables have high chlorophyll content, contain a lot more vitamins and antioxidants than the other vegetables which are called “Phytonutrients”. 

Green Smoothies ingredientsWith a good mix of greens in your smoothie, you will not miss out on any vitamins that your body needs.  It also helps in nourishing our body and beneficial for gaining energy. And It is considered to be the most incredible drink that we should add in our daily diet. It is a perfect way to keep a check on all the nutrients, vitamins, and fiber content in our body. It is the best way to overcome yours as well as your family’s health problems.

You should note that the drinks are made with raw vegetables and fruits. There are no additives, artificial flavoring, sugar or sweeteners, etc. The green smoothie is best consumed in their raw form to derive the optimal benefits from the healthy, wholesome nutrients.

In addition, vegetables and fruits are available at cheap rates, therefore, the overall price of making these smoothies is very cheap.

So, What exactly is a green smoothie?


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Green Smoothie

A green smoothie is a thick beverage blend of different vegetables and fruits.  Green smoothie uses green vegetables such as spinach, celery cucumbers, green apples, etc.

The beauty of a green smoothie is that you get many different nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants at one go.

A green smoothie is a good source of minerals, iron, proteins, copper, vitamin B1, B2, B6, niacin, folate, carbohydrates, etc. (2)  The fruits and vegetables can be used in combination to have all the nutrients in our diet.  All these fruits and vegetables have different nutritional content which can be taken in combined form.

With the correct recipe, your smoothie will not only be healthy, but it will also be tasty. Many people believe that healthy food and tasty food cannot be reconciled. This is false. You can make a healthy and tasty green smoothie.

It is advisable to drink the smoothie twice a day to acquire all the required nutrients. It is a great option for the kids!!! Consuming green smoothies on a regular basis helps in reducing weight and makes the overall mechanism of the body more efficient. It also reduces the desire of eating unhealthy junk food and sweet sugar kinds of stuff to some extent.

The effect of a green smoothie is best if we have them in the morning. It keeps the person active and full of energy for the whole day. It is considered to be a good stabilizer for the patients of blood sugar.

While making the smoothie the nutritional content should be kept in mind. The fruits and vegetables which are added in the smoothie should be in the right amount to retain the dietary value of the smoothie. The fruits and green leafy vegetables that are added in the smoothie contain alkaline which helps in neutralizing the acids in our blood.

It is also surveyed that having a healthy glass of green smoothie daily helps in overcoming chronic diseases. The nutritional content of the smoothie helps in healing the body quickly. It also contributes a lot in maintaining the physical and mental well being of the individuals.

We have talked enough about the nutritional benefits of green smoothies.  Next, let’s look at the health benefits that can be accrued from preparing and consuming these green smoothie gifts from nature. 



Health benefits for Green Smoothies

Making green smoothies are the best way to have all the nutritional contents in our body. The green smoothies help in maintaining the health of our body and protect it from unwanted toxins.

A Green smoothie is the complete package of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fiber. The green smoothie consumed on regular basis provides us many health benefits. Some of these benefits are:-

  • Green Smoothie Increases Energy 

While you may not notice a change overnight, as you consume green smoothies over a period of 2 or 3 weeks, you’ll notice that you have more energy and a better outlook in general. You will have more vitality and zest for life. You won’t be able to explain why… but rest assured that the green smoothie is making a difference.

It’s because of the green smoothie act as energy boosters for our bodies. They are a rich source of vitamins, proteins, and minerals which stabilize our digestive system and boost our energy.

To achieve this, it’s best to consume the green smoothie on an empty stomach. Another good time to drink these smoothies is after an exercise session when your body is craving nutrients.

  • Green Smoothie Helps in Weight Loss

As mentioned earlier, Joe Cross lost almost 100 pounds from a juice fast. It may make many people panic when they think of not eating food and merely drinking smoothies. They fear starving or becoming under-nourished.

This is a huge fallacy. Our bodies require nutrients from food. That is true. However, there is a severe dearth of good nutrients in the food we consume these days. That is why people never feel satiated and constantly keep eating.

The food they’re eating is high in processed ingredients, additives, etc. While it may fill the stomach, these are empty calories that lack the nutrients the body needs. As a result, the body craves more food to compensate for the lack of ingredients. So, people eat more, get obese, and stay unhealthy.

A Green smoothie is packed with micronutrients that the body craves. You would be surprised to learn that a single glass of green vegetable juice, full of good nutrients that the body craves, is more beneficial than an entire meal at a swanky restaurant.  The fruits and vegetables present in the smoothie helps in getting rid of the unwanted toxins present in the body.  This gradually leads to weight loss.

  • Green Smoothie Perfect for Breakfast Substitute

This is how I start my day. Like … every single day. It might seem a bit boring to eat (or actually, to drink) the same thing every day, but I’m telling you, it’s the best.

Starting your day with a healthy Green Breakfast Smoothie is a great way to get energized and feel awesome.

Quick, easy, and super-convenient to make (and drink) on-the-go, green smoothie is the perfect breakfast choice for busy mornings to ensure you’re hitting all of your nutritional needs.

  • Green Smoothie Presents of Antioxidants

Green smoothie is the best antioxidant for protecting any kind of disease. The defensive measures for the body.

  • Green Smoothie Prevents Illness

This is pretty straightforward. Right from young, parents have instructed their children to eat their greens. Everyone knows that vegetables are essential for good health and for strengthening your immune system. Prevention is better than cure.

  • Contain Healing Properties, Prevent Acne and Aid in Detoxification

A Green smoothie contains essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that encourage quick healing. This is one reason why bodybuilders consume greens products. They usually take supplements in tablet form. Drinking a green smoothie is much more beneficial than popping greens supplement tablets.

Acne sufferers, especially teenagers notice that their acne problems tend to diminish when consuming green juices. Since the greens are rich in vitamin A, sulfur, vitamin k, vitamin c, etc. the body’s immune system is stronger and is able to combat health issues such as acne or even yeast infections effectively.

Detoxification is another fantastic benefit of green juices. The food we eat, the water we drink and even the air we breathe is often filled with toxins. A green smoothie will help the body detoxify itself more effectively.

  • Green Smoothie Helps for Digestion

It is said that blended fruits and vegetables are easier to digest as compared to raw fruits and vegetables. Green Smoothie is the best way to assimilate nutrition in our body with a smooth digestion mechanism.

  • Green Smoothie Helps to Mental Clarity in LIfe

Another very important health benefit of a green smoothie is getting mental peace, clarity, and stability in life. The individuals set a positive mind towards everything. It also helps in reducing anxiety and stress.

  •  Lessen Cravings For Junk Food And Sugar Stuffs

Another very important benefit of a green smoothie is that it reduces the cravings for unhealthy food like sweets, sugar, etc. Moreover, the smoothie is rich in chlorophyll therefore it also rejuvenates our body and reduces the carvings.

Thus green smoothie is a good energy drink, which gives a lot of health benefits. 

  • Great Nutrient for People Who Do Not Consume Leafy Green Vegetables and Fruits Daily

This is a great nutrient supplier for those people who do not consume too much green leafy vegetables and fruits in their diet. By consuming one to two cups of these smoothies every day, individuals can have a totally fit and fine body.

For kids who hate eating vegetables. It is much easier to gulp down a green smoothie instead of gnawing on Brussels sprouts like a hamster at the dinner table. They are just as healthy too. The Green smoothie, not the hamster.

Green smoothie can be delicious once you get used to them.  The mix of fruits and vegetables can be tasty. You’re consuming a very tasty “medicine” for your body.

As you can see, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by drinking a green smoothie often.

14-Day Green Smoothies Challenge


Not all green vegetables and fruits are created equal. When making green smoothie, it’s best to use vegetables that have the most nutrients to pack a punch. I mean, You want to get the best benefits from your green smoothie.

Let’s look at some of the best greens (no particular order) that you can use to whip up those awesome smoothie.

  • Baby SpinachBaby Spinach

Yup! Popeye was right. This truly is a fantastic green that is full of goodness. It is low in calories yet contains protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals.

Spinach has been shown to lower the risk of cancer, strengthens bones, reduces the risk of asthma and other infections, lowers blood pressure, and aids in glucose control for diabetics.

  • Kale is KingKale

Kale is the king of leafy green vegetables.  Kale contains a variety of antioxidants that fight depression, lower blood pressure, fight cancer, and work to lower cholesterol and protect our heart and eye health. Kale helps to detox our bodies from harmful chemicals and works to correct our sense of equilibrium.

Similar to spinach, kale is splendid for nourishing the body. In fact, kale contains more nutrients than spinach. It maintains healthy skin, strong bones, improves digestion and prevents the onset of many health problems.

  • CeleryCelery

You often see celery paired with peanut butter, but did you ever think about using it in your green smoothies? Celery is rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

The unsung hero of greens, celery has a myriad of health benefits, including regulating your body’s alkaline balance, reducing inflammation, and helping digestion. Celery can prevent cancer and helps to lower one’s blood pressure.

Did you know celery also has properties that help soothe your nervous system? If you’re stressed out, throw some celery in your smoothie!

One point to note is that some people are severely allergic to celery. Make sure you are not allergic to celery before consuming it.

  • ParsleyParsley

Although more commonly thought of as a garnish, parsley can do so much more for you than just make your fillet appear more appetizing. This powerful little herb is packed with iron and vitamins C, K, and A, as well as antioxidants. One thing to keep in mind about parsley is the pungent taste, so you should probably only use about one cup of it for your smoothie.

  • BrocolliBrocolli

Brocolli is a cruciferous vegetable. It is fantastic for combating the effects of a poor diet. Our diets are rich in omega-6 fatty acids and this has thrown the balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids out of whack.

Our foods have become packed with estrogen, resulting in more men suffering from gynecomastia and other issues. Broccoli mitigates the negative effects of estrogen.

It’s also rich in fiber and sulforaphane. This sulfur compound prevents cancers such as lung and colon cancer. Brocolli is definitely a vegetable that you should include in your smoothie often.

It does have a strong taste. So, start by using small amounts until you develop an acquired taste for it and are able to drink it without forcing yourself to.

  • CollardsCollards

Collards are rich in vitamin K that promotes good bone health. They reduce the risks of developing colorectal, prostate, and lung cancer. They also help diabetes sufferers maintain a stable blood glucose level.

An additional benefit of collard greens is that they contain choline. Choline helps with learning, memory, muscle movement, and also promotes good sleep. Something which many people sorely need.

  • RomaineRomaine

Crisp, mild, and highly nutritious, romaine lettuce is the perfect leafy green for green smoothie newbies. Romaine lettuce provides an impressive amount of calcium, vitamin A, iron, B-vitamins, vitamin K, and the minerals copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. Afraid of green smoothies? Maybe not with this green!

  • ArugulaArugula

Arugula is one fierce leafy green. It is rich in cancer-fighting antioxidants, chlorophyll, vitamins A, C,  K, and B vitamins. Arugula gives your immune system and brain functions that boost it needs to stay strong. Arugula is also a great source of calcium. So blend up and strengthen your bones!

  • Carrot TopsCarrots Tops

The tops of carrots are edible and extremely nutritious! They are rich in chlorophyll and magnesium, making them super important for healthy blood pressure as well as blood purity. Rich in calcium, vitamin K, and potassium, carrot tops support healthy bones and muscles.

  • Dandelion GreensDandelion Greens

Dandelion greens are not well known but get ready world, this powerhouse leafy green is one impressive veggie. One of the best sources of calcium and iron, dandelion greens are high in vitamin A and vitamin C, which helps your body absorb the iron they provide! Cleansing to the liver, these super greens are also a complete protein. Consuming dandelion greens may lower your risk of cancer and stroke. They also act as an anti-inflammatory and promote eye, heart, and lung health.

  • Boy ChoyBok Choy

Turns out that Chinese cabbage, also known as bok choy and pak choi, can do a lot more for you than just fill out your stir-fries. If you want variety in the best greens for a smoothie, bok choy is your best bet. Although it’s bitter, the bitterness is all too easily counteracted by the fruit you include. One cup is only nine measly calories, but you get plenty of protein, dietary fiber, and vitamins C and K!

  • WheatgrassWheatgrass

An excellent vegetable that is rich in many vitamins and nutrients. Prevents a whole host of health problems and also has healing properties.

  • LettuceLettuce

Fantastic for helping with weight loss. It is low in calories and reduces appetite. It contains many beneficial vitamins such as potassium, biotin, copper, calcium, pantothenic acid, chromium, and magnesium.


Are Some Greens Better Than Others?

The most important point to remember is that eating any vegetable is better than eating none. The problem today is that most people are not even getting enough veggies in their diet… and French fries or mashed potatoes are NOT counted.

First and foremost, you need to get sufficient vegetables in your diet. If you do not like eating vegetables, you can make a green smoothie. They are just as beneficial.

There is no need to worry if some greens are better than others because your goal will be to rotate the greens that you use in your smoothie. Some people make the exact same smoothie every single time and miss out on the benefits that they can get from the other vegetables.

Choose organic vegetables whenever you can. The hard truth is that most of our foods contain toxins from insecticides, fertilizers, etc. By rotating your greens, you will be preventing a toxin buildup from any one vegetable.

14-Day Green Smoothies Challenge

Click here  >>> 14-Day Green Smoothie Challenge <<<

You will receive the 14-Day Green Smoothie Challenge Guide, 16 Recipes and Grocery List. 

Bonus: 3-Day Clean Eating Meal Plan & Recipe, Grocery List

These guides contain recipes created by nutritionists and health experts who have factored daily nutrient requirements, vegetable combinations, taste, etc. when concocting these recipes. You are in safe hands by following our recipes. The best way to stick with a habit is to like doing it.

Since the recipes will usually be tasty, you’ll be more likely to stick to drinking green smoothies instead of reaching for the sodas.

As long as you make a green smoothie from the vegetable list given above, or from my 14-Day Smoothie Challenge guide, you will do just fine. This is not rocket science. It’s just smoothies. Blend them and drink them. You will look and feel like a brand new you. It’s that simple to experience a simple and natural approach for weight loss and better health today.

The challenge is simple – just replace one meal per day with a nourishing, nutrient-rich smoothie that will leave you feeling satisfied and full of energy for hours.



A green smoothie is one of the fastest foods that you can make in your kitchen in under ten minutes with prep and clean up.

Since the goal here is to keep things raw and natural, the best way to make a smoothie will be to use chilled vegetables and fruit.

A  green smoothie tastes better when they are cold. It is better to use cold ingredients rather than to make a smoothie with vegetables at room temperature and chill it later on. Alternatively, you may a cup of ice cubes into your blender and blending together.

You will need a good blender too. You can get one from your nearest appliance store or you could buy it online from Amazon (which goes without saying, do your research online first and make an informed decision as we all have different needs and budgets).

Add 2 or 3 cups of your green vegetables into the blender. Add 1 cup of water and if you have a sweet tooth, you can add some apple juice or pineapple juice to the mix. Turn on the blender/smoothie maker until you have a thick blend.


My Secrets to Make A Green Smoothie With Essential Oils for Greater Skin & Health Rejuvenate

I  always add two or three drops of essential oils into my smoothies. Lemon, Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Lime, Tangerine, and Slim & Sassy are all my favorites.

You can really get creative: citrus bliss is yummy, ginger, cinnamon, lime etc… Just be cautious with the HOT OILS like cinnamon and the strong oils like ginger and peppermint. Start by using a toothpick to soak up one drop of the essential oil and then swirl the flavor into your blended smoothie.

A little essential oil goes a long way and you want to enhance your smoothie with good flavor and benefits that come from using the oils. We’ve ruined some batches with too much ginger and peppermint.  Feel free to also add in some, flax seeds, chia seeds, protein powder, maca powder, pomegranate powder (if you can’t get fresh) etc… The green smoothie possibilities are endless! 


I would highly recommend the brand of doTERRA which is the largest essential oil company, trusted, safe, natural, and pure quality essential oils, NO ADULTERATION.  dōTERRA‘s quality standard for essential oils, CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®), exceeded industry standards.  

Purity and adulteration are extremely important topics when considering which ones to buy.

This is because if you use an oil that has been adulterated, contaminated, or loaded with synthetic fillers, you will not receive the full natural benefit of the plant.  And in some cases, low-quality oils can even be dangerous and pose serious threats to your health.

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Here’s my Green Smoothie recipe.



  • 3 Stalks of Celery
  • 1 Cup of Kale
  • 1/4 cup of Cucumber
  • 1/2 Apple
  • 1/2 Cup of Blueberries
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • 1 tablespoon Ground Flax Seeds
  • 1 tablespoon Chia Seeds
  • 1 tablespoon organic ginger powder or 1-2 drops doTerra Ginger Essential Oil
  • 2 scoops of Protein Powder
  • 3 drops doTerra Lemon Essential Oils
  • 2 drops doTerra Grapefruit Oils
  •  1 Fresh Coconut Water
  • 1 cup of ice cubes

Congrats! You have a smoothie that’s good to go.

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Green Smoothie is safe and beneficial to one’s health. However, they must be consumed in moderation. Anything that is taken to excess can be detrimental.

There are a few mistakes that people make unknowingly when making smoothies. The points below will shed light on the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Not rotating the greens

  • Always rotate your greens. As mentioned earlier, will prevent toxin build-up and also give you a well-rounded smoothie diet.

Mistake 2: Not checking for allergies

  • Be aware of your own allergies if you have any vegetables and fruits. For example, some people are highly allergic to celery and can suffer from anaphylactic shock if they consume it. You might want to speak to your doctor about your green smoothie diet.

Mistake 3: Focusing on Fruits Instead of Veggies

When making a green smoothie, it is best to focus on the vegetables, rather than the fruits. It goes without saying that fruits are tastier because they are sweeter. Because of this, people usually use more fruits than green vegetables.

The problem here is that fruits are high in sugar but are not filling. You will not feel as satiated drinking a green smoothie that is mostly fruit juice.

For example, if you make a green smoothie with:

  • 1/2 cup of broccoli
  • 1 banana
  • ¾ cup blueberries
  • ½ cup of orange juice
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 1 cup of water

By all appearances, you have a green smoothie. Yes, this is good for your health but it will not leave you feeling full because it is low in fiber but high in natural sugars.

That basically means you will get hungry sooner and end up eating more food to feel satiated. At the end of the day, you would have consumed more calories and will gain weight.

It is best to focus more on vegetables. Ideally, a good green smoothie would look like this:

  • 1-2 stalks celery
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1 cup apple juice
  • 1/2 cup water

Now you have a smoothie that is truly green, nutritious and the slow-digesting fiber in the celery, and spinach will leave you feeling full for longer.

Mistake 4:  Use Wrong Ingredients

  • There are several ingredients that people use thinking that these are nutritious and benefitting them. These are the most common ingredients added to green smoothies which should be avoided.
  1. Ice cream
  2. Sugar
  3. Cream soda
  4. Honey
  5. Whipped cream
  6. Peanut butter
  7. Chocolate & Vanilla syrups

There is one cardinal rule to making a green smoothie. No artificial ingredients. You should only use green vegetables and a few small servings of raw fruit or natural fruit juice to make the green smoothie. The fruits just help to make the drink sweeter and more palatable. No deviation from this rule. Period.

Mistake 5: Not Using a Good Blender

While this is not a huge mistake, it is still better to use a good blender rather than one ill-suited for making smoothies.

The blender should have a solid base that is wide for stability. Since you’re making smoothies with your blender, it needs to have a high-speed and a 1000+ watt motor.

The pitcher that the blender uses needs to be large too. Sometimes you may want to make a smoothie for 2 or more people. At times like these, you will need a bigger blender rather than a small, personal one.

Do your research and see what is the best type of juicer for you and is within your budget.

Mistake 6: Not Using Proper Recipes

Do not try to concoct your own recipes. Using too many veggies in your blend will make it have a muddy appearance and the flavors may not be complementary.

Many beginners do not know that certain greens such as arugula and broccoli have a strong taste. You’ll need to know what ingredients can mask the taste of these vegetables. It’s best to stick to recipes written by the pros.

14-Day Green Smoothies Challenge

Grab my 14-Day Smoothies Challenge Right Now to Avoid Any Mistakes


Final Word

As we know, information is only the first step … next is implementation so If you’re not in the habit of drinking a green smoothie, you will need to cultivate the habit first. You can start with 1 smoothie a day. Do not worry about the time you consume it.

If you can consume it first thing in the morning, that would be perfect for your breakfast replacement meal.  If you can’t, later on in the day will do fine. What’s important is that you get into the habit of drinking green smoothies one a day.

Let’s face the facts here. Despite what the books and nutritionists say, most smoothies though tasty will never come close to a sugary soda or an ice cream milkshake. That’s the hard truth. It will be difficult to replace sodas with smoothies.

Initially, you may wish to slowly cut down on any sugary drinks you’re consuming and drink a smoothie every day. Over time, try and replace the sodas with the smoothies. It will take effort but if you approach it in a slow and steady manner, it can be done.

Do not go to extremes and immediately give up all the sodas for smoothies. You’ll just be putting pressure and stress on yourself. Now, not only are you trying to inculcate a good habit that is foreign to you but you’ve also given up a bad habit that brought you comfort despite being detrimental to your health.

This is just too much to cope with. You’re not in a race. Go slow and your compliance will be much higher. Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you can try to replace one of your meals with green smoothies by adding a few drops of doterra Slim & Sassy essential oil.  The green smoothie may not be as satisfying as a normal meal such as a plate of pasta or 3 slices of pizza, but it will be much better for your health.

Aim to do this just once a day till you’re comfortable with it. Then you may progress to reducing your meal portion sizes and even replacing 2 meals with smoothies. If you can do this, your fat will melt like butter and you will drop the pounds in no time at all.

If you’re a parent, you can start your child on smoothies while they are young. Most children do not like eating vegetables but will hastily gulp down a tall smoothie if it had apple juice in it. They will still be getting all the vegetable nutrients without you having to negotiate and debate with them at the dinner table.

While the green smoothie is excellent for your health, occasionally you may wish to try other smoothies too. The rules are not set in stone and you’re not in the green smoothie prison. Though this post did focus solely on a green smoothie, you can always give the rest a try, as long as you’re drinking 1 green smoothie daily.

Usually, it is recommended that a green smoothie should be comprised of 60% fruits and 40% veggies. This is a good place to start with but over time, you should progress to 70% to 80% vegetables and 30% or 20% fruits respectively.

The reason for this is that most people these days are carrying more fat on their bodies than they should. By increasing the vegetable intake and reducing the fruits, you’ll be consuming less sugar. Your body will burn fatter and you’ll lose any excess weight even faster.

The benefits of a green smoothie is many. By now, you should be fully aware that you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not drinking them. Like Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Green Smoothies are your best natural medicine, and the best with a few drops of essential oils.

It may take a while to develop the habit… but persist anyway. The green smoothies lifestyle is definitely something you want to have. The rewards are great.

“We first make our habits. Then our habits make us.”John Dryden


14-Day Green Smoothies Challenge

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