I love and enjoy a cup of hot matcha maca latte … with non-dairy almond milk, unsweetened coconut milk, rich cocoa, and the power of superfood.  Matcha Maca Latte is rich in antioxidants and full of nutrition and superfood.

Matcha maca latte is a game-changer for your life if you are addicted to a caffeine-packed 3-in-one coffee pack.  Forget all these caffeine-packed coffee, dehydrating cups of joy, horrifically calorie-excessive, chemicalized iced coffee drinks from the chain shops.

If you’re struggling with energy and wish you could find something that would stimulate your energy and help you focus… other than a cup of coffee or energy drinks full of caffeine?  This Matcha Maca latte is definitely for you!

Many of us say we can’t give up coffee because of the sacred ritual around brewing it, smelling it, and sipping it.  What about the familiar rush of jitters and anxiety, and the subtle digestive upset that too commonly follows?

I have a new ritual for you!  Instead, drink this Matcha Maca Latte tonifying bevy and feel awesome.

Matcha maca latte provides all the flavor of coffee plus the protein, healthy fat, and superfood power to make your cells do the running-man.  

Ready for a snuggle?



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To Your Health Longevity & Vitality,

Jesslyn Lim

Holistic Health Coach | Culinary Nutrition Instructor

Essential Oils Specialist & Aromatherapist

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