Insulin has a large influence over body weight because when insulin levels are constantly elevated, this means the body is continually storing glucose in the tissues.

This is where individuals factors come into play.


if you are someone who exercises frequently and just finished an intense workout, your muscle glycogen stores would be depleted. Muscle glycogen is the storage form of carbohydrate in the muscle cells that is utilized for energy purposes.


With those stores depleted, this is where insulin will store the excess glucose molecules.  It will shuttle them off to be stored inside muscle and liver tissue for conversion to muscle glycogen so that you have the energy for your next workout session.


This is one of the few times an insulin spike may be desirable because it’s very anabolic, meaning it can help you gain lean muscle mass.


The more lean muscle mass you have, the healthier you tend to be as you’ll maintain your body weight better, be stronger and more functional in everyday life, and have higher insulin sensitivity.


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On the other hand, if you’re someone who’s sedentary and you eat a lot of insulin spiking foods, you won’t have depleted muscles to help absorb the extra glucose so your body is forced to store it inside FAT CELLS (fat storage mode).




This is why high carb diets for sedentary people can be a recipe for disaster, while high-intensity exercisers and endurance athletes can benefit from the extra carb intake, especially in the pre and post-workout window.


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Jesslyn Lim

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