Here is the list of proven foods for fat burning and boost metabolism for a good start to incorporate into your meals to increase fat while keeping protein and carb lower for your weight loss program.  If you’re wondering how to bump your fat intake up to 70+%, let us help!


Oils & Healthy Fats

Added to salads, cooked veggies, eggs, or meat dishes. Some of these can go in coffee or smoothies too!

    1. Olive oil
    2. Coconut oil
    3. Butter (Organic, from Grass-fed cows ideally)
    4. Ghee
    5. Avocado oil
    6. MCT oil

Cheese (as tolerated):

Add to salads, top veggies, top bowls or add to egg scramble.

      1. Goat cheese
      2. Sheep cheese
      3. Other cheeses as tolerated


Nuts & Nut Butters: 

Grab a handful plain, add to salads, smoothies, or smoothie bowls.

    1. Macadamia nuts
    2. Pine nuts
    3. Almonds
    4. Baruka nuts



Use as veggie dip, add to eggs or bowl, eat plain with some salt, make guacamole or toss in a smoothie!

    1. Plain avocado
    2. Fresh guacamole
    3. Individual guacamole packets


Fatty Meat

Instead of eating lean chicken breasts or chicken tenders, during the beginning week of your weight loss program try expanding your horizons of quality, fattier animal proteins such as:

    1. Chicken thighs
    2. Drumsticks
    3. Salmon
    4. Grass-Fed beef 80/20
    5. Bacon
    6. Sausage



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