Jesslyn Lim Health Coach
Jesslyn Lim Health Coach

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Matcha Maca Latte

Matcha Maca Latte

I love and enjoy a cup of hot matcha maca latte ... with non-dairy almond milk, unsweetened coconut milk, rich cocoa, and the power of superfood.  Matcha Maca Latte is rich in antioxidant and full of nutrition and superfood. Matcha maca latte is a game-changer for...

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Detoxing With Green Smoothie

Detoxing With Green Smoothie

Detoxing with a green smoothie is like just drinking a liquid-rich vitamin and minerals.  It is helping your body to purge the accumulated toxins and kickstart your natural digestive process.   Have you been thinking about starting a natural body detox especially...

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How Toxic Are You?
🎯 Look Back Before Looking Ahead 🗓 Too often we rush into the new year with our new big goals and to-do lists 📋 without first celebrating what we accomplished the year before…Celebrating our WINS 🎉 no matter how big or matter if we fully hit our goals or not is actually a very important part of continuing success…It changes our focus from what we still need to accomplish to what we have ALREADY accomplished…In the most basic sense... focusing on our WINS 🎉 makes us feel like a WINNER 🏆... and this creates a very different (read: healthy and important) set of chemical reactions in our brain than always only thinking about all the things that we still have left to do…So share below what YOU accomplished in 2021 so that we can all celebrate 🎉 with you...and then we can all move forward together into the amazing things that 2022 has in store for us 🎯!#celebratewins#thingsaccomplish#2022challenge#NewYearResolution2022#healthyhabitschallenge ... See MoreSee Less
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Jesslyn Lim is a certified, Holistic Nutrition Coach.  Her interest in detoxification digestion and women’s health was developed through her personal experiences with weight loss and digestive issues.  Jesslyn is committed to helping women who are struggling with stress, energy, hormone, weight management and digestive issues.  Jesslyn has a special interest in healing children with skin rashes through dietary modification.  She provides one - on - one health and wellness programs and cooking classes.  Her focus is on teaching how to develop the best nutrition for your body in easy , fun and practical ways.  Jesslyn creates a positive mindset, which, for many women initiates a confident attitude towards their future.  As a result, they believe that they are beautifully made, both inside and out. This mindset has transformed many to a healthier, happier and loving lifestyle.

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